Why not upgrade?

It's absolutely possible to breathe new life into an older PC or laptop. For example, by installing an SSD drive in place of a hard disk drive, you can increase performance and boot time exponentially.

FusionTech can advise on whether an upgrade is right for you, then source and install the kit you need!


For PC



Processor *


*Dependant on age of system


For laptop



No compromise...

At FusionTech, we don't compromise when it comes to quality. We work with a number of vendors and distributors, plus we have access to hundreds of thousands of product lines from all IT manufacturers.

We have listed some of them here so you can see who we work with. If you are seeking a particular brand that isn't listed here, or you would prefer installation of a brand that you do, just let us know we can certainly try and help.

We are a Microsoft Partner Network member.

Motherboard Installation


It's time to upgrade IT or replace IT!

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