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We are adaptive...

We can bring smart technology thinking anywhere. Our services are designed to cross over into the realms of both home offices and small businesses, with 15 employees or fewer.

Small businesses often don't have the time, resources or expertise to invest in dedicated IT departments and don't have the support in place to turn to in the event of requiring advice, needing new or upgraded equipment or if something goes wrong.
Our remote monitoring services can ensure that we know about a problem before you do. As part of this service, we install "agents" on your devices - PC, laptop, printer, router or anything else within your IT infrastructure that allow us to monitor your hardware proactively for any failure or to prompt us when maintenance is needed. We can also automate software patching and background maintenance whilst you continue to work, so you can be confident your technology is always in top shape. (This is optional on some agreements for an additional charge.)

The value of data is often underestimated until it's gone. We can set you up on a cloud backup service to ensure that your data is lifted regularly and safely off-site and we also provide anti-virus and malware advice.  As of October 2020, we are starting to partner with Kaspersky Labs for the provision of the management of this type of software - more information will arrive soon!

We can also offer enhanced service levels to small business owners and anyone who has moved from a corporate office to home environment, as part of a COVID-19 response.

Our website is designed to translate our home services across to small business - anything we offer for a home user is what we can offer our business clients. This is with the exception of FusionCare, which attracts higher response times and you can find a comparison on our FusionCare site page, which can be accessed below.

Talk to us today for more information. We would love to have you on-board as a client.

FusionTech can offer
  • Fully supported quotes/invoices
  • All our services for your business
  • Credit terms of up to 20 days
  • Friendly client service
  • We can speak your language