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Hey. Nice to meet you.

Thanks for coming to visit FusionTech! It’s great to have you here.

I started FusionTech at the height of the first lockdown in the UK when it became immediately obvious that connectivity between loved ones was even more important than ever. 

Having worked my way through a number of IT-based careers, and always fiddling with tech at home, I took what I love doing best - plugging IT stuff together and making it work!

I then started plugging IT stuff together for other people who found themselves thrown into a work-at-home environment, suddenly realising that getting business done on Zoom whilst the children streamed Netflix and Xbox games was more of a challenge than they imagined!

Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to choosing the right PC, the right broadband, the right software or the right security options. They also don't necessarily know what to do when it goes a bit wrong or if they want to upgrade and improve their experience.

We build and deliver new technology to homes and sometimes small businesses too. We help people with broadband and internet - increasing speed and eliminating dead spots and we also help you bring new life to your tech with upgrade options. 

Please do have a look around our website and we would very much like to talk to you if you are in the market for a new PC, need help upgrading your existing computer or are looking to improve your Wi-Fi or broadband experience. 

With best wishes

Jamie Graham
Managing Director

FusionTech UK


FusionTech is a Microsoft Partner

Dominating the PC industry, we work with Microsoft to deploy solutions to particular standards as defined under the MPN - Microsoft Partner Network.


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