Plan A

£555 inclusive of VAT

This is ideal for the small business – We’ll get you up and running with:

  • Advice on choosing and the Purchasing your new domain name
    • Because getting it right first time is vital!
  • Design of an easy-to-use website
    • Not everyone is geared up for this task, so leave it to the experts!
  • Written content and imagery for your new website
    • based on the information you supply for your new business
    • Images can be supplied from stock images
  • Publish your site on-line
    • Ensuring you are visible and ready to do business
  • Support you during the transition period
    • Everyone needs someone to rely on and with our service, you get two professional businesspeople on whom you can rely
  • Advise and assist on the technology aspects of your business
    • Including guidance for new equipment purchases and ongoing support in terms of hardware and software (all equipment to be purchased by the client)
  • We can also help with home networking and broadband
    • To ensure that when you are on the deal-clinching Zoom calls that you’re as crystal clear and unbuffered as possible (additional fees may apply)
  • IT Support Services - Monthly Subscription: £55 and upwards - inc VAT
    Social Media - Monthly Subscription: £100-£200 - inc VAT 
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