Plan C

£755 inclusive of VAT

The perfect plan for busy start-ups who just don’t have the time or inclination to keep on top of the technical and social media side of the business. 

We offer the addition of weekly social media management and additional IT support*

 (*fees apply)

  • Advice on choosing and the Purchasing your new domain name
    • Because getting it right first time is vital!
  • Design of an easy-to-use website
    • Not everyone is geared up for this task, so leave it to the experts!
  • Logo & Avatar
    • Basic Logo &/or Avatar (additional costs may apply for more in-depth items)
  • Promo Video for Social Media use
    • These at less than a minute long, perfect for social media engagement
  • Written content and imagery for your new website
    • based on the information you supply for your new business
    • Images can be supplied from stock images
  • Publish your site on-line
    • Ensuring you are visible and ready to do business
  • Support you during the transition period
    • Everyone needs someone to rely on and with our service, you get two professional businesspeople on whom you can rely
  • Advise and assist on the technology aspects of your business
    • Including guidance for new equipment purchases and ongoing support in terms of hardware and software (all equipment to be purchased by the client)
  • We can also help with home networking and broadband
    • To ensure that when you are on the deal-clinching Zoom calls that you’re as crystal clear and unbuffered as possible (additional fees may apply)
  • IT Support Services - Monthly Subscription: £55 and upwards - inc VAT
    Social Media - Monthly Subscription: £100-£200 - inc VAT
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