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If ever there was a time to start your new business, its RIGHT NOW! TODAY! Take the plunge, roll those dice and have a little faith in yourself.

There is no need to panic or fret about how to get off the ground either!

We are the new power force behind your small business start-up, complete with the technology and the right words! Commencing with a new business or venture in these challenging times offers up many hurdles.

Start-up costs must be taken into consideration for so many aspects of your new idea and often that investment must be spread thinly to ensure that it’s productive.

As traditional methods of working are replaced now with an ever-increasing reliance on technology and an on-line presence, starting your own business means that you must be able to operate effectively.

You will need to rely heavily on a good website, equipment and IT support as well as exceptional website content and social media content that sells your product or service at a level above the competition.


We can help by assisting you with a new website, new tech and the right content for a competitive price to get you up and running.

Here at Plethora of Words and FusionTech, having started our own businesses during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, we are more than aware of the difficulties and trials you face in starting up a new venture.

You are not alone...

We’re with you every step of the way to getting your new business off the ground with our innovative Ignition packages, with a plan suitable for all size businesses.

About Plethora of Words

Plethora of Words is a content writing and social media management service that provides businesses with all the content they need to ensure they are seen and heard. We offer website content, write blogs and articles, write and manage your social media for Facebook and LinkedIn and also provide promo videos for optimum engagement.

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About FusionTech UK

FusionTech is a home and small business IT support services company based in North Essex. We specialise in supporting you anytime, anywhere with all aspects of technology.

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We’ve teamed up as a new power force across the region to bring you
the best we can offer, at a price you can afford to help get your
business into launch mode.

What we do and what does it cost?

With three easy-to-choose plans for your new business - silver, gold or platinum, you can be assured that there is a level that suits you and best of all, we can grow with you! Take a look at our options below.

Plan A

Silver Service

Plan B

Gold Service

Plan C

Platinum Service

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