Disposing of an old PC?

Cybercriminals often scavenge e-waste such as old PC's and laptops, searching for valuable information that has not been properly wiped before a computer’s disposal.

Simply dragging your files to "recycle bin" isn't enough to protect your data. It can easily be retrieved by unscrupulous individuals using readily available free, or paid-for software.

If you're getting rid of your old computer, why not let us destroy your data for you. Peace of mind for just £9.95 per drive.

On the Phone


Fill in our enquiry form on the contact us page. We'll send you instructions on what to do next. If you need help removing your hard drive, we can assist! If you are in our service area, we can come and do it for you too - free!


Send and pay

Pop your hard drive to us in the post with the form we send you, and pay the £9.95 fee.

If you are wanting it back, make sure you pack it in lots of bubble wrap. Hard drives are sensitive electronic devices :-)



FusionTech will take care of the rest. We'll erase your drive using military grade software and send you a certificate to confirm your data is gone for good.

We'll then dispose of the drive for you free, (under UK WEEE regulations,) or we can send it back to you for a small charge.


Be FusionTech Data-Safe

Professional hard drive disposal is the only failsafe way to destroy a hard drive and the sensitive data contained therein, guaranteeing you a better night’s sleep. The tools, methods, and techniques involved in professional hard drive disposal ensure that all the data on the drive is 100 percent destroyed.

Professional hard drive disposal employs a series of proven methods and techniques to destroy data. In some cases, one method is sufficient to guarantee total data obliteration. In other cases, a combination of two or more methods is used to ensure total data destruction. We'll choose the right one for you. 

Here at FusionTech, we'll help you relax knowing your documents, photos and other personal details will never be accessed by anyone else.

**IMPORTANT** Data destruction is final - once it's gone, it's gone so please make sure you've saved anything you need. FusionTech guarantees we will never access the hard drive(s) you entrust to us. If required, we are able to video the unpackaging of your drive and the start of the destruction process. We can then email this to you with your certificate. There is a £5 additional charge for this service.