Store more

In a recent survey, FusionTech found that over 80% of respondents would, quite rightly, "have a meltdown" if they lost their digital life.

Dropping the phone, the iPad or hearing a loud electrical "pop" when turning on their PC or laptop only to be told there was no chance of retrieving their precious photos, videos or work documents, filled them with dread. Pictures captured in a moment can be lost in a heartbeat.

By the same token, only 13% of respondents were comfortable that they had adequate backup and retrieval for this type of data.

With FusionStor, we can help you store more - safely and securely. We can help you put it into the cloud or create a "personal cloud" using hardware and software that means the data stays within the confines of your home, but has the ability to be retrieved quickly, safely and with minimum of fuss. We can help you access your data across one floor of your home, or from the other side of the planet.

We can help with
  • Cloud backup & restore
  • Personal home clouds i.e. NAS
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Securing data
  • Moving data
  • Recovering data