Connect IT

21st century data requires 21st century technology.

The world is full of bits, bytes, megabytes and terabytes and for some this is a minefield when it comes to negotiating using computers, buying computers or upgrading computers. At FusionTech, we understand that and we don't want you to go to a PC store and make the wrong buying choice, based solely on how much you have to spend. We can help you with that buying process including purchase, set up and installation or we can provide a custom-built system with on-going support, all at a price that is right for you.

We can assist with all the bolt-on's too such as printers, external storage devices, tablet and mobile advice all via our FusionBuy service. If the thought of a ZOOM or Skype call terrifies you, we can help you navigate that aspect as well.

As the world moves towards IoT - the Internet of Things, we can also help you with home automation including funky automated home lighting and of course, Google Nest or Amazon Alexa.

 Let's connect your IT:

  •  PC & Laptop buying advice & assistance through FusionBuy
  • Custom-built PC’s - specified, delivered, installed and supported
  • Printer & peripheral purchase & installation
  • Tablet & mobile advice e.g. Apple iPad
  • Communication services assistance & training e.g. Skype & ZOOM
  • Home automation advice & installation including Philips Hue lighting, Google Nest and Amazon Alexa
  • Gaming support - Sony PS and Microsoft XBOX
We can help with
  • PC/laptop buying assistance
  • Setup and installation
  • Custom-built PC's and support
  • Printer and peripheral installation
  • Training
  • Home automation
  • Gaming hardware