Your technology, protected

At FusionTech, we know customer experience is key. Fast response, value-add and trust are all the things build a positive relationship. We strive to get it right for you, first time, every time.

FusionCare  is the ultimate home and small business IT support agreement where you can choose to have us look after one device or every part of your digital life, based over 4 tiers - bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

We also offer pay-as-you go support for any customer.

Our remote monitoring services, (available for an additional charge,) ensure that we know about a problem before you do. As part of this service, we install "agents" on your PC's or laptops which allows us to proactively monitor your hardware for any upcoming failure. We can also automate software patching and background maintenance whilst you continue to work so you can be confident your technology is always in top shape.

With flexible payment options, we can construct a support agreement on a pay-monthly or annual basis, giving you complete piece of mind.  Higher tiers add more value and benefits to your FusionTech experience as well as protecting your technology.  We offer general PC & laptop support with on-site options, remote diagnostics and collect/return. We can assist you in person or remotely as required and make sure we look after your equipment on an annual, 6-monthly or even quarterly basis.

If you're connected, why not get your technology protected with FusionTech - anytime, anywhere.

How we can help
  • Your home
  • Your business
  • Pay monthly
  • Pay annually
  • Ad-hoc "pay-as-you-go" option
  • Tiered support services
  • PC's, laptops, networks and more!
  • Warranty returns and repairs
  • Plus a whole lot more

Do you need a PC or laptop service?

For a one-off fee, FusionTech can provide a complete service of your PC or laptop with a FusionCare COT!

Are you a home user?

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Are you a SoHo/Business user?

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