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Got a question?

Welcome to the FusionTech UK Help Centre. We have pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our followers and compiled them all into one place. Perhaps you may have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind and here you will find what you are looking for. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, do not hesitate to reach out!


Do you provide IT support? My computer won’t boot…

We focus on IT improvement here at FusionTech and we don't any longer offer a "break/fix" service, so if you are after immediate IT support for a broken PC, laptop or other hardware, we are really sorry but we aren't able to help.

We'll be able to replace the broken bits with new ones though, and can absolutely help and advise on getting you up and running again.

Think of us more as an expert consultant that can help you obtain what you need, at a price you'll like!

Our warranty promise

We'll honour all manufacturer warranties and in the unlikely event of a problem, help you get a replacement fast. FusionTech PC's come with a standard 1 year warranty but we also honour individual warranties on the components we use to build your PC!

We don't know any other PC suppliers that do that :-)

These can be up to 3 years in some cases and we'll let you know what's covered on delivery.

Why FusionTech

Brand reputation makes or breaks us. We don't want to break and we don't have the billions of £ that Microsoft, HP, or Dell do! In building our brand, we want to be associated with personalised service, where the client walks away at the end of the transaction with fond memories.

What do you charge?

If you are buying a new PC from us, we don't charge to make it and we don't charge to come and put it on your desk!

If you are outside our service area, shipping and freight charges will apply though.

If you want us to fit new hardware, we absolutely can and we'll provide a cost as part of the quote process.

If you’re going for FusionNet Wi-Fi, we’ll survey for free. We’ll charge for the equipment and there will be a cost for configuration and deployment in your home. Larger projects for some homes and businesses will incur bespoke installation charges, depending on the solution and we may need to involve third party contractors, but we'll let you know all this in advance.

Do you deliver internationally?

We aren't able to ship hardware or software outside of the UK.