Customer privacy

Your privacy is our priority

The nature of computer/device diagnostics is that we will need to have access to your system to be able to do so. Remote support - if chosen, means that you are already logged onto your machine, so we won't need to ask you for any passwords or logon details. We may need to send you an email link to click on in order to obtain access to your machine. This will always come from our ZOHO support system, (so you know it's us at the other end.) The email will download a small software program that enables the connection and the program is deleted automatically upon termination of the support session. You can terminate the session at any time yourself and we are happy to maintain an open telephone link, so we can answer any questions in real-time for you.

If we come to your home to perform diagnostics, you will be able to log into your PC or laptop for us, allowing us to carry out work for you. If you wish to be present whilst this work is being undertaken, we have no issue with you doing so. 

If we need to take your machine away, (with your agreement,) we will always explain why that is in advance and you will need to provide us with logon details in this instance.

FusionTech will not "access" any of your personal data unless we have the permission of the customer. There is generally no need for us to open documents or photos etc. in order to fix any IT problem - we are able to use our own files to undertake any diagnosis work and confirm resolution however, we may ask for permission to open specific files that you advise us you have been having specific issues with. We will always obtain your permission to do this first.

It would be remiss of us as an IT services provider, not to risk-assess our approach to your problem. Depending upon our evaluation of your issue, it may be that we decide it would be prudent to back up your data first before we undertake further work. This will be because the next steps could involve data loss, e.g. rebuilding your PC's operating system and we need to protect your data for later restoration. With this in mind, please be aware of the following:

1. Your data may be moved from your device to another in order to perform a backup of that data before undertaking a complete system re-installation of any operating system.

2. Whilst we are holding your data, we will store it under both UK GDPR and Data Protection rules in a secure area and not access that data other than for the purposes of restoration, once your system is back up and running. "Access" means to move the relevant files and directories to/from your machine using appropriate software.

3. Once confirmed the data has been restored successfully, if applicable, FusionTech will use data-scrubbing software to overwrite your files on our backup devices, multiple times. This means your data could not even be retrieved using professional-grade software or services. The only exception to this is when we believe you have a hardware failure and restoring your data will leave it at risk-of-loss. We will always discuss this with you at the time and you may choose if you wish, to have the backup device left with you, until we can obtain replacement hardware parts and complete the work.

4. Prior to the commencement of any work involving data, FusionTech will supply you with a signed agreement in respect of this information and how we will honour our data protection obligations to you.

5. In the event we are not able to recover your data, you may choose to send your device to a third party for professional data recovery services. This is not a product we supply however we may be able to make recommendations. If you choose to proceed, our responsibility in terms of your data ends at that point and you will be protected by the rules of the data recovery provider that you have chosen. Please see our liability section below for further information.

6. All equipment or backup devices will only ever be exchanged between FusionTech and the initial customer contact, unless we are advised otherwise. We will not give equipment or data to any third party, without the WRITTEN permission of the FusionTech customer and we will confirm this by other means.

7. If you cease to be a FusionTech customer for any reason, we will cease processing your data in accordance with this scenario under our GDPR and DPA obligations.

8. As we will be initiating, monitoring and validating any backup of your data, this will be billed at our regular hourly rates.

Customer data security

FusionTech UK will NEVER sell your personal data to a third party i.e. name, address, telephone number or email address. Please be advised that customer data may be processed in "The Cloud" using systems certified for that purpose i.e. for support call logging, invoicing purposes and payment processing. This information is accessible by us.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) offers you legal protection in respect of  the data on your PC, laptop or other device data it may be in our care. You may download a copy here.

Regulatory compliance

FusionTech UK is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in the United Kingdom.

Our registration number is: ZA783586


FusionTech UK holds business liability insurance.  Details are available upon request.

We will always use our best endeavors to repair or replace any technology, at the best value to you.

We will not be liable for loss or damage to hardware or data where the customer has not followed FusionTech advice, or we have attempted the lifting of/restoration of data and that has failed due to unrecoverable, severe, physical, mechanical or magnetic damage to any recording media e.g. hard drives or USB storage.

If we believe data or hardware to be irretrievable, we may recommend a further course of action and it will be customer choice whether to proceed with that action, i.e. payment to a third-party specialist data recovery provider. If the customer agrees, FusionTech's liability will then end. We are not affiliated with any particular provider and can give you recommendations at the time as to best value and best chance of success.

Registered Office

Our registered office is:

FusionTech UK Limited
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United Kingdom

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