Moving Home? Handy hints for your broadband!

Home movers in the UK have to wait an average of eight days to get broadband up and running, a recent survey has found.

Plusnet customers usually waited longest — an average of 9.9 days, compared with Virgin Media O2 being the swiftest at 6.6 days.

Moving home is stressful enough so we recommend the following tips to help you out and get online at your new place:

  • As soon as you know your move-in date, get in touch with your provider to find out what the move process is and arrange disconnection at your old property and connection at your new one.

  • Book it there and then - it can always be changed.

  • If you’re staying with the same provider, it’s likely they will expect you to take your existing equipment with you, so don’t leave it behind. Even if you are given new equipment, you may be expected to return the old kit otherwise you could face a charge.

  • If you’re not sure if your coverage or speed at your new property is going to meet your needs, chat to experts, (like us ) and we can give you some advice to improve your experience.

  • If you aren’t in contract, now would be a good time to look at what services you can get and at what price.

  • Watch out for early exit fees, especially if your current provider doesn’t service your new home. These can sometimes be challenged.

  • Make sure you follow instructions from your providers regarding when to disconnect your equipment and connect it up again.

  • For property that’s serviced by the older original FTTC services - Fibre to the Cabinet, your line speed will provision over the following ten days up to its maximum level. Be prepared for disconnections and slower speeds for this period.

  • Laying out your new home is the best bit but don’t pop your router anywhere that will disrupt signal like under the stairs or behind the tv. If an engineer visit is required, you can always ask about repositioning any sockets but there may be a charge for this.

Here at FusionTech, we are happy to help with advice on choosing services, moving your home technology for you with our FusionMove product or being there if it goes a little wrong.

If you’re moving home, good luck, keep calm, pack the kettle and biscuits, or beer where you can find them! Happy moving day!